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Freedom, the word was meaningless to the author until he finally lost it. His perception of freedom was the same as millions of others. He surmised his ability to do and say whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted without violating the canons of society was his God-given right, and this right was protected by America. FREEDOM! He longed for freedom during his days of incarceration because that right was taken from him. But, during his days of limited freedom, he was in for a shocking realization that would change his life forever. His longing for freedom was granted: however, it brought this proud, resilient, and rebellious man down to his knees. His realization brought him face to face with his past where he learned he was a tyrant among those living in destitution. No person can know the true meaning of freedom until that person can see reality, and when he saw reality, it accomplished what the system could not, it devastated his sense of belonging. Read In Society’s Web.

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