Poverty can and usually does become a devastating force that is passed on for generations. Only those touched by it can fully grasp the deep suffering associated with destitution. Very few escape the grip of poverty because too many accept this form of life as the norm, and they become accustomed to deal with the atrocities they are confronted with. This cycle is possible because, during the rearing stage, a natural instinct appears and becomes the formidable mode of dealing with the consequences that are forcibly presented. Survival kicks in high gear and becomes a tool of necessity. The loss of hopelessness begins with the parents who are trying their best to raise a family making sure sustenance, clothing, and shelter are accessible to all. Then, for too many, almighty change appears and it all breaks down. The façade is exposed and only reality remains, and when the parents see the limited options at their disposal, possibilities that seem out of reach, their certainty is defeated and replaced with bitterness. With a loss of confidence and a building hostility, they persevere. Only too many unknowingly pass these negative traits to their children, and the cycle continues. Society’s Web exposes the effects of poverty for all to see.

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